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GoToFocus Centers is an independent business enterprise. We are devoted to understanding the impact of rhythm, rhythmicity, and environmental toxins (and their sensitivities and intolerances) on human development and performance. We have independently developed a set of protocols (Developmental Discovery Systemô) which, in our clinical settings, and with our remote clients, seems to inspire childrenís innate potential for becoming age-appropriate and fills-in the gaps in their movement through the developmental stages. Research is needed to prove what we observe with our clients.

At GoToFocus Centers we have studied our proprietary protocols through observation and experience. Our understanding is based on non-academic (non peer-reviewed) research we have performed ourselves. And, we cannot comment on any research-in-progress.

Our clients agree with each other that we have developed protocols which put the developmental process back on track. We do not claim any behavioral, medical, or psychological benefit will come from following our protocols. We do not offer any treatment or cure of any illness. Those who follow our suggestions assume their own responsibility. Those who wish to change their diet, environment, or level and type of activity (for themselves or for their children) should consult with their primary medical practitioner.


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