We reliably, predictably, and
consistently unlock the child’s natural tendency
for growing up.

Program Overview

GoToFocus is an international consulting service. We work world-wide, in English and Spanish, with children who have Developmental Disability, Developmental Delay, and other developmental problems. Our proprietary Developmental Discovery System is the only program which reliably, predictably, and consistently inspires the child’s intrinsic facility for maturation.. 

Re-Starting the Developmental Process:

  • We have developed the Developmental Discovery System which encourages your child's natural capabilities for growing up.
  • In each session of our program, we work with the children. Parents and caregivers are also part of the process.


  • Initially, we use our Developmental Checklist to establish a developmental baseline.
  • On a monthly basis, we track the child’s developmental progress using this internet-based, interactive checklist.
  • We have other, proprietary testing we perform each session.

Program Results:

  • Test results show that the Developmental Discovery System inspires the inborn resourcefulness for maturation.
  • The families of our clients report high levels of on-going developmental progress and symptom reduction.
  • The teachers of our clients report behavioral and educational improvements at a dramatically faster rate with our program, than with any other program.

Our Program Consultants:

  • Profesora María Isabel Aguilar has degrees in Education and Philosophy and has worked with developmental problems since 1976.

  • Rodger Bailey, MS, has degrees in Social Science and Educational Counseling and has been working in brain function and behavior since 1977.


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